Front of electric cafe racer.

Project : ARES

Electric Analogue

An apparent contradiction. This is precisely what we want to achieve. In a world that is overwhelmingly full of data, virtual interactions and simulations. We create something that feels real.



Handlebars and seat view of electric motorcycle
A guy walking with an electric motorcycle

We often find ourselves arriving at where we started. The question we keep asking, what are the emotions people would like to experience?

This project started with us approaching the fundamentals: the geometry, the texture, and most importantly, the sensation of power.

We keep refining the design by undoing a lot of “designing”. We discovered that the pinnacle of vehicle dynamics is that it feels Analogue. And we want to achieve a design that is Timeless.

We take pride in our creative process. Our latest prototype encompasses the ingenuity and diligence of our team. With each iteration, we will refine the details, performance and the feel, so that it is truly unique and outstanding.

Aerial view of electric cafe racer motorcycle.
Top view of new electric motorcycle.
Side view of electric motorcycle
Engineering evaluation prototype shown. Not representing the final configuration.

We invite you to join our journey, a journey of creation, exploration and emotion. We are not just building a product. We want to close the gap between what can be imagined and what can be created. We want to say no to mediocrity and we enjoy what we do.

We appreciate your ideas, comments, criticisms or just your interest. Feel free to drop us a note or join our email list. You never know... there may be surprises.

Guy leaning over railing with helmet in hand
Aerial view of guy riding motorcycle


0-100 kph (0-60mph) <4s
10% - 80% charging < 30min (level 2)
Range: >160 km (100 miles)

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Man getting ready to ride motorcycle.


Wheelbase: 1,544mm (60 1/2 in)
Seat height: 850mm (33 1/2 in)
Unladen weight, road ready: 190kg (420 lb)
Tire, front: 120/70 ZR17
Tire, rear: 180/70 ZR17

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LOT #1 of limited quantity will be produced with customizable themes and options. Performance data above is based on pre-production prototype.

Sketch of motorcycle drawing